artist statement

manic depressive, punk rocker, public schoolboy, recovering addict, thankfully naive artist, promising ex-cricketer, adult child, pub singer, sucker for punishment, dole-wallah, surreal anti-poet, therapy survivor, dedicated non-jogger, reality-avoider, disturbed child, church boat boy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, nearly a crap pop star....,



David jones

Greetings Ashley,love the work ,cool as fuck,hope I can get down to the gallery before it ends.David of thee ambassadors for Outside in.



Awsom is what comes to mind. Brilliant art work i really love it. From one manic depressent to another. I really lov you work. An i get u live style. Bet like meself. Ant a bad life really being mad. Just sometimes, not so good. Like it. Check mine out. Not as good as yours. Go to. asharona. Thanks



Your work is really powerful and well executed.


Julian Moran

Fantastic work Ashley. Really Inspiring. Julian


john polson

Just been today to pallant house to see the exhibition,WOW! lots of great work! Ashley,i think your art should have been an award winner-you are a fantastic and truthful visionary. such talent.


john polson

fantastic art work,love it.very well thought out and delightfuly subversive and a great sence of humour.reminds me of the album covers of crass.excellent art.


Cecilia Montague

The collages that you make are of unsettling images. I think that they are very intelligent pieces of graphic illustration and they are an excellent response to the era that we live in.


Bjørn Hølbakken

Very strong expression in these artworks. I'm glad I discovered them.




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