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Painting makes me happy. I don't know what may happen. Tulips opening to the moon...




Hi Joan






Joan Johnson

I love your work Gabby and your new stuff looks really exciting , not seen any of your work for a while but what I have just seen is so bright and hopeful well done I hope to see more, sorry I can't make the open studio bit to far to travel now I am in North Yorkshire. but good to get back in touch xx


Andy Wilson

Who did:

World tree

Time Embedded



Thank you, Julia. What a lovely comment especially as I used to find yellow the most difficult colour to manage in paint. (I used to have to use Bright Green instead.) At last I've come to love yellow. The background of 'Jug...' consists of my bedroom curtains and my ironing board. When I open my eyes, it is always sunny whatever the weather is really doing. Thank you again.


Julia Gabriel

What an amazingly creative person you are. I like Jug, Cube ,Creature because I like yellow pictures. It's alive!



Thank you. By the way don't ever apologise for 'lateness'. I often go weeks when I can't achieve much except hanging on the safety bars of the rollercoaster, hanging on for 'dear' life! I am very taken with your work. It is a different viewpoint, and original.


Steven Thomas

I only have intermittent internet access so forgive for the lateness of this reply. I absolutely love TIME embedded. These artworks have a special quality and really capture the subject you are trying to convey. I would love to discuss some of the concepts such as time and synchronicity with you which you have captured so well. The unease and uncertainty of this crazy rollercoaster we call life is evident. Brilliant, original and unique works. Absolutely brilliant.



Hi Steven,

I've just got my computer back and found your good words on my page - much appreciated. So now I've gone in search of your work. I am entranced and amazed by your images.

An artist using organic matter, wood and rust and stone. A photographer balancing opposites.

The ones that have grabbed me first are 'One in a Million', 'A Hard Day's Work', 'Blue, blue, electric blue' and

and 'Textual'.

There's a synchronicity in your work with what I am thinking about in my work. I am trying to marry rust and jewels, two things rammed together - in my mind - with the idea of Time. I am trying to translate it into a sort of mosaic and I may enter them into the Outside In Craft competition. Working title: Time. They are not finished but I'll upload some of the work in (slow) progress to my webpage here on Outside In.

If you have time, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on my enterprise which is un-do-able - but I am doing it anyway.

Best wishes and thanks again,

Gabrielle (bedlamartworks)


Steven Thomas

Credit where it is due. I think my new favourite piece of yours is now 'I bring you flowers'. I don't know what is behind that particular work but it has a sinister, darkness to it that appeals to me in a strange macabre way. I mean no disrespect by that I'm just saying what I see. It really does mesmerise me. Please upload more.



Thanks, Steven. My first commentator!


Steven Thomas

Homage to Gustav is an absolutely stunning piece. A great collection of work.

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