Carlo Keshishian

I have been making my work for over a decade and because of my insular nature, rarely do I reach out and show it to people. I find the issue of applying terminology to so called 'disorders' controversial. Everyone is different to varying degrees. My work has been described as 'obsessive' though. Carlo is one of six award winners from Outside In 2009



Pat Mear

Love the look of your meditative work and how the round forms remind me of tree cycles, each year and line full of memories and meaning.

'Obsessive' can be good - very good, and beautiful too!


phil baird

Hi Carlo great work with two contrasting styles. Particularly like transmogrification one defination is transforming into a cat!

Keep on Keeping on.


Cecilia Montague

The way that you have created textures by repeating words and patterns in your drawings is interesting. The colour studies have a different quality but seem to require the same patience to make.


Pauline Coddington

I love this piece. I could see it as a huge floor mosaic!!


david maclagan

really like '1 0f 9' & similar drawings: how big are they? I'm writing a book on scribbling, doodling & automatic drawing & might like to include one, if you were willing.


Rose Knox-Peebles

Dear Karlo

Congratulations on getting to the next round - how many rounds are there?

Whenever I visit your site I check the green painting is still there....

very good luck for the next round

best wishes



mylo elliott


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