A Message From Chaz

Hello there Friends. I’ve been wondering what to say but I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Marc Steene and all at Pallant House Art Gallery, Chichester for all their wonderful interest and support for my art work over the last few years. As a result of their support I’ve done far more pictures than I might have done otherwise and am so pleased and encouraged that some people seem to like what I do so thank you for that as well. I use colouring pens and biros and felt tip pens as I find I can have much more control over detail in my pictures. I really don’t think I could do the same with a brush and paint, I’m just not that good an artist so I usually keep to what I can do. I would also like to thank my dear wife Sally for her continued love and support for my life and my art and music. She really is such a support in whatever I try to do. I would like to give you the website a dear friend and brother in Christ has set up for some of my music as well. Gospel songs I composed many years ago. His name is Lukey Fitzpatrick and the website is: www.inspirationalrecords.com where you will be able to hear some of the music I’ve composed over the years. Lukey is such a support as well and over the last six or seven years or so has done so much to promote my music. I really owe him also a big thank you. Well I am 61 years old now and a pensioner. I have done a variety of jobs in my life from portering and domestic cleaning to warehouse work and mini-cabbing to being a removal man and an electricians mate. Even a bit of missionary work in Hong Kong for a year where I was able to teach English to a cross-section of Chinese people there. I could go on but that’s enough for now. Two things have stayed with me over the years one is my music and the other is the Church which has always been a source of support and encouragement, and now I’m having quite some degree of success with my art as well. I’ve sometimes tried to do my best with gifts of art and music which I personally believe the LORD has given me. So finally I would like to thank the Lord Jesus as well and for all he’s done for me in my life. Love and best wishes Chaz



Brian Gibson

Dear Chaz

Thank you for showing your work . I saw it in a copy of Raw Vision. I very much like the idea of art being a prayer or an act of worship and a gift. There is a real sense of wonderment and love within your work.

My best wishes




I love this colourful work, it reminds me of another artist Scottie Wilson .


Alison Johns

So pleased to have found your wonderful pictures.


Thomas Taylor

hello Chaz, your work is sensational, I wish you all the best, I am sure you will be a great success,


Cecilia Montague

Each drawing that you make must take a lot of time to compose and create. The colours are very vibrant and you have a natural gift for laying out your visions on paper.


Dominique Espitalier-Noel

Dear Chaz,

Congratulations, never give up your creativity and your dreams. Art is a great healer, and is pure alchemy. We are lucky to be able to have it in us.

All the best,

Dominique (artist)


Dominique Espitalier-Noel

Dear Chaz,

Congratulations, never give up your creativity and your dreams. Art is a great healer, and is pure alchemy. We are lucky to be able to have it in us.

All the best,

Dominique (artist)


Rose Knox-Peebles

Dear Chaz

I think your paintings contain great beauty and innocence; they are inspirational.

very best wishes



bruce lawrence

Chaz,your kaliedoscope of images that track into each other are stories waiting to be told ,like Mervyn Peake's Gorhmenghast

M ay i be bold and ask if you have tried using a light orange background or spectral pastel shadings behind your images?

I am going to try getting motivated by your works of Art

Quote from my Mum :

"Mimicry is the highest form of Flattery"

So consider yourself flattered !!And Sally too.

Thank you for the music too

VBW's bruce


Jill West

What beautiful work. Thank you for such a rich visual feast.


Chaz Waldren

I would like to say how very pleased I am that other people are getting pleasure from my art. It is very encouraging to see the pictures on the computer.

Love & Best Wishes, Chaz


Julia Elmore

Some of the most wonderful examples of Outsider Art I have come across in a while.

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