Artist Statement

Outside In chose Donna Kuhn as Artist of the Month for December 2012

I make art because that is the only way life makes sense to me. A recurrent theme in my work is the face: semi-abstract, colorful and emotional. I don't choose to draw these faces. Their forms just come to me. They jump off the page and stare at you. Dare to stare back. I have tried to choose between media. I cannot. I feel fully engaged and alive when I'm creating. I'm a maker of images more than a storyteller. My work is about being a woman and an outsider. It has been described as playful, haunting, bold, whimsical, colorist, sad, poetic, mysterious and tense.



Kunst und Psychiatrie

Sehr schöne Bilder


donna kuhn

thank you ella and julian


Ella Stadtleb

memorizing pelicans


no twin favourite !



Julian Moran

These are wonderful. I love the shapes, expressions, the bright colours used. Really successful portraiture.

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