Drew Fox



jess levine

HI Drew,

I met you at Share arts and then at the Ambassador training in Brighton in January.

I mentioned to you the possibility of me taking the lead in curating a big show of Outsider art, and wondered if you are still keen to participate, as you expressed an interest at the time.

Please if you are interested could you e mail me your contact details. my e mail address is 1976jesszl@gmail.com

Best wishes

Jess Levine.



chris hammond

hi drew wicked day at fabrica thanks for your piece of work it is now on my wall.till we meet up again good luck mate


Clarke Reynolds

It was great meeting you at fabrica you work is so kool with a capital K

If you wanna get in touch please do we could share ideas and who no’s exhibit work together


Mike inglis

Your work is amazing drew - I will keep in touch

Keep safe



emma louvelle

Dear Drew

It was so special to meet you today, I felt like I already knew you.

Thank you for my painting, what a privilage!

Love & Respect



Julia Oak

I enjoyed your presentation at the EOA Conference today. The method you have found to create your photos and film is awesome, I love the box camera, a piece of art in its own right.

Having spent 27 hours in surgery I resonate with some of the things you described today. I took part in shamanic journeys to a drum beat to begin to understand where I went. I converted my PTSD to Pens, Tea, Silence Drawing.

Great Great work.


ivan grieve

Thank you Drew.Your work is inspirational and integral the interview is certainly very raw too.Wow what a great expressive tactile body of work you have made.Many congratulations.



Wonderful work Drew. Very interesting interview. Yes Outside In is a remarkable organisation.You say you film the making process. Have you made these available online? Best wishes. Jeff.


Kate bradbury

Hello Drew.I have just seen your work on the Outside In newsletter.I was immediately drawn to it and cant stop looking.I love it and hope I will be able to see it in the flesh one day.I hope you are able to exhibit your work as i am already inspired and fell i would be even more so if i saw it for real.Thankyou for putting your pictures on the website and introducing me to your work.

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