Assemblage: 3d form of collage

In 1991 I threw some molten wax into cold water. The resulting solid was complicated and fragile, which I later covered in clear resin. Soon found objects were being included in assemblages on wooden bases. There followed an idea of a room filled with small objects that were eerie and tended to evoke silence, Some of the work started to be ‘mock grandiose’ and intuitive, though in the context of the art world might seem closest to surrealist sculpture. The most creative period was between 1997-2006. There are now around eighty assemblages in existence. At times a curious synchronicity was apparent of found objects turning up at the right moment almost as if instigated by thought. Metal, including melted aluminium, wood, papier mache, plastics, resins, glass, glues and plaster have all been used and painted on.



Steven Handsaker

Just seen "A Comedian" at the exhibition in Aberystwych and loved it. It's inspired me to try using some of the odd things I've collected into assemblages. Thanks very much for all of your creativity on this site as well. Steve



awesome creativity


Cecilia Montague

These assemblages took time to construct. You have the ability to invent.

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