ARTIST STATEMENT - updated september 2018

Experimental artist dealing with themes of loss,grief, chaos and the search for healing of the spirit.Working in abstract style with special interest in the role of creativity in recovery.

After several years of great change I now feel able to capture some of this in new artwork and experiment with different techniques. In 2014 I was inspired by the work of Madge Gill and it was great to have some of my work included at the exhibition of her work at Orleans house gallery and to be included in the exhibition catalogue. I was delighted to have 2 works included in the MIND 2013 calendar- Howling at Hurt Moon and Bollywood Tor. I used to volunteer for MIND in Kingston each year running a series art workshops for people experiencing mental distress. After a time of being too limited with pain and physical difficulties to be creative, it was great to visit Glastonbury Tor in November 2012. Over the course of a weekend I was inspired to begin several new works -some of which are shown here. Some of my works are just too precious to me to part with the originals but I'm happy to create and sell A4 prints of these. To ensure my artwork is accesible I also sell postcards and artcards. My creative journey began suddenly in 2006 –amongst the chaos and trauma following the tragic sudden death of my eldest son Bryan and my eventual diagnosis of PTSD. My art is an expression of and an outlet for emotions that are beyond words – the ones that no one talks about. My art gives me somewhere to go when I have no-where else to go. Most of my work is based around loss, grief, chaos and the search for healing of the spirit. I am self taught and experimental with my artwork and materials. Following an accident in 2007 I now also have physical disabilities which limit my mobility and restrict use of hands and arms so have had to learn alternate ways to create. I’m often inspired by random words or quotes, which have spiritual meaning, but my main inspiration is Bry, whose love stays with me as mine goes with him.



Andy Crosbie

Beautiful work and really capture the emotions associated around bereavement. Thanks for your comment on my gallery and blog :)


Faith Israel

Sandra, I am in love with your artwork they are inspirational. Ride on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I've just come back to revisit your work and you never cease to amaze me. I too am on a lifelong mission to healing the spirit and I truly love the different themes you focus on with your work that you can see so readily rakes you through some of those stages.



Beautiful artwork and so very inspirational!



Beautiful paintings - my dad uses the metaphor of climbing a hill to represent my road to recovery.. I like the idea of a place at the top where I can sit with a cold beer and enjoy seeing all that I have conquered.


Liz Sokoski

Sandra........ I love your work. Especially 'fragile' and 'tangled'. Such powerful and deep meaning.


Martin Coughlan

My favourite piece is bollywood tor. The colours make me feel like i'm in India. Great work.


Lucy Robinson

Beautiful.. Would look lovely on my living room wall.


Morag Cuthbert

Very strong works. I especially like As Long as there are Angels, for its colour, atmosphere and complexity. Hope to see more of this artist on Outsidein.


Lesley Hancock

Sandra, you've got some some very powerful pieces in that collection. I love the darker peices, Run For The Hills and Overwhelmed are fantastic. xx


Cecilia Montague

You have the talent to create art with a range of different techniques and media. Your exhibition of art works is very fine.


Cecilia Montague

Your art has a lovely tactile quality.



Sandra's work has a passion and expression of emotion that is hard to put into words, I know from viewing some of her artwork in an exhibition just how powerfully she can evoke mood and feeling. Despite all, her work continues to move from strength to strength. I love 'a brighter day' and the Tor series in particular as they are such a vibrant use of colour. You inspire and provoke thought in equal measure Sandra, it is lovely to see your work being shared in this way xxxx


sandra totterdell

New to Outsidein

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