I would refer to my works as abstract expressionism. My creations are responses to my emotions and feelings buried deep within my gut.

I'm so inspired by the power of creativity. I have been a creative for many years right back from age 12. Doodling on the back of bus tickets then using art for the first time in a subconscious way during 1989 to help me cope with three miscarriages, which led me to have a melt down, to then follow a period of intense Art Psychotherapy until the later part of 1991. I managed to stay well for many years and spent time exploring different avenues of creativity and partnered with the East Herts Miscarriage Association and held my first Solo Exhibition raising funds for their organisation. I continued to exhibit and became exhibition organiser and participated with two local art groups. I got the bug, I was on a mission and learnt new things in the process. During this time I decided to join an access to HE course as I had left school at 14 with no qualifications to study hairdressing. Having successfully completed my studies in social science, art A/S and my first GCSE in english along with numeracy and stats. I was offered a place on a modular degree course at Middlesex University to study visual art, psychology and education. This was short lived as I became pregnant with my beautiful daughter. During 1996 I opened my own little art gallery where I displayed mine and the works of other unknown artists. During this time I organised and coordinated solo, joint and mixed themed exhibitions for Whiteley's in Queensway London. Fast forward to 2012 I unfortunately had another major breakdown and have been in therapy this time around over four years. My therapy is coming to an end and I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel but at my own pace. I have always believed that artist like me are, underrepresented and face real challenges in finding galleries who respect and appreciate work for what it represents rather than what degree or school of thought someone may come from. Outside In offers creatives the opportunity to share ones paintings/pictures in a real way. It would be nice if some people connect with my expressions. By submitting my work to Outside In I am hoping this will restore my confidence and assist me in finding my true path as an artist.


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